Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update on Puppies

Well, the puppies are six days old tonight - They are doing well, growing every day. Portia would really like me to keep my paws off her babies, but I can't do that. I just want to hold them all the time, I don't do that, but I do pick them up several times a day. It will be so exciting when they open their eyes, they look like little moles rooting their way around, (though I have never seen a mole, it's what I imagine they look like).

Today's weight:

Little boy - 11 oz.
Both little girls - 14 oz.

He is catching up with the girls. :)


Sophia said... CUTE! I want to hold them! :D Snuggle - snuggle!

The Cottage Cheese said...

They are too adorable! More pictures please :)

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Sophia, thanks! They are a little hard to hold, very squirmy.:) They are not very snugly, hopefully, they will be more so than they are now. xoxo

CC, I took a bunch today, but they all look the same.:) And getting them to look at the camera is out of the question. I'll keep trying though. xoxo


I adore 'awww moment'!!!
Enjoy them...such a blessing dear!


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Lenore, they are a blessing! I am so very much enjoying them.:)


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh thanks so much for posting the pic's, they are too adorable.

Nora Johnson said...

They are so cute & I'm so envious!! - I want to hold them too!! :)


steven said...

hi sixpence, of course you want to hold them - so do i and so does my little girl who wants to adopt them for herself!!! i've never seen puppies this young so this is a really special treat to get to follow their early lives. thanks for posting these sixpence. steven


oh, my goodness! how absolutely precious! just wanna kiss 'em all over!!! precious, precious, precious!

The Curious Cat said...

Cuteness on a stick! I understand why you want to touch them...if only this screen could be a gate way through to them! Though I doubt Portia would like that! xxx

Draffin Bears said...

How very precious, your little puppies are.
Thank you for sharing your photos of your precious little bundle of cuteness.

Enjoy your weekend

ps Are you getting much sleep?

Slices of Beauty... said...

Simply adorable, love them!

drollgirl said...

adorable!!! oh, i bet in a couple of weeks they will be WILD! so fun!

Gail said...

Sweeet as molasses and honey! I am not familiar with this breed, is it maltese?

themom said...

What cute puppies. Yes, they look a good deal like little moles. Makes me want to breed my big dog...but it passes.

Anthony said...

Oh. My. Gawd!
There aren't even words for such uber cuteness! That is, none that would do it any justice.

Do you know when they should start opening their little peepers? You know that we're ALL gonna want to see more pics once they do...

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

dustjacket, thank you for looking. more pics to come... xoxo

Lola, They feel like pure silk, they are so silky. It's a good thing they don't want to be held much, I wouldn't get anything at all.:) xoxo

Steven, I think they will have their eyes open in a couple of days; I'll post them when I get them. Your daughter would love them! They are just the sweetest - but can't wait for them to start looking more like little puppies. Thanks for the visit. xox

Jenean, I know, they are very kissable - and so very precious. ALL babies are, huh.:) xo

Curious Cat, If the screen was a gateway to them, you'd want to take one.:) cuteness on a stick"! (I don't think I have ever heard this phrase before) xoxo

Carolyn, come back in a couple of days, I'll have pics of.:) xoxo

Slices of Beauty, thanks! You all will surely get sick of seeing pics of these little guys.J xoxo

drollgirl, I have a feeling you are right, now they are in a cage all safe and sound. Thanks for the visit. xoxo

Hi Gail, yes, they are Maltese - lovable and sweet. Xoxo

themom, I understand, but I recommend passing - I tried to keep this from happening but, obviously I failed.:) Now I am wondering how I will ever let them go - heartache, lots of heartache. thanks. xoxo

Anthony, I think they'll be opening their eyes in 2-3 days. It'll be exciting to see them open for the first time. Not sure how much they can see, but it'll be an event to record. I'll post pics, I promise. :) If only I could lasso the feeling that comes with these little guys and sell it, I would get rich very fast. Keep watching, there will be more pics! xoxo

down and out chic said...

oh my gosh their so sweet and they do kind of look like moles! how funny!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Christina, (lol) They are turning into these cute little fur balls. I think they'll look much different when their eyes open. We'll see.:)


CC said...

Ohmigosh! They are so adorable! Aw. I want one. :)


Peter said...

I can see that a big event took place while I was away! Nice, nice!!

Kelee Katillac said...

Oh they are wonderful! They will get snuggly if they are cuddled and handled...and I know you will do a lot of that!!!!

love, kelee

Anya said...

Sooooo CUTE :))
It makes my day ....

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya ;)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could sniff them just once. Puppy smell is soooo sweet.

Snappy Di

K @ Blog Goggles said...

They are amazing! Can I come babysit??

LoLo said...

Dear Sixpence,

hello! Thanks for your comment and love =)
Adorable pups, what are their names?

Wishing you the best

Jo said...

If moles are this cute, I'll take a dozen please!! ;)

Are the pups still squirmy? Maybe once they can open their eyes they'll settle a bit.
I bet it's tough not to just rotate cuddling each of them! I'd want to put one down, pick up the next one, put one down, pick up the next one, and so on.

Sophia said...

Just dropping in to see how you and the puppies are doing. :)

Chemin des Muguets said...

This is what it is all about. Pure love.


amoramor said...

so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hi there, just want to say thank you for your lovely comment. I do hope the puppies are doing great!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

CC, thanks for coming by to see the puppies. And yes, they are adorable. xoxo

Hi Peter, Well, the big event took place while I was away also. I was out of state. Kinda glad I missed that part, and had left someone in charge who knew what they were doing. All turned out well. I'm getting way to attached to them.:(

Kelee, Thanks so much for you visit. I am holding them plenty enough, trust me. I think Portia (momma) thinks I hold them too much. xoxo

Anya, thank you! Come back to see more pics of them. xoxo

Di, I wish you could see them, they are getting cuter and sweeter smelling every day. They are so cuddly and lovable. I love them to pieces!!! xoxo

Hi K, Sure you can babysit. Actually, I was wanting to go see a movie tonight but afraid to leave them alone. I am sure they would be just fine, but still... Thanks for stopping in to see them. xoxo

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Lolo, Thank you, they appreciate the compliment.:) I haven't named them since I am not keeping them. It is so hard too, cause I have names for them. If I start calling them by name, I fear it will be even harder letting them go. If I were naming them, they would be Venice, Roman, and Indie, but I'm not.:) Thank you. xoxo

Jo, that is so exactly what I do. I have to rotate them, cause it's a little bit out-of-control feeling having all three out at one time. I took all three out today to take their pics, it was a bit difficult keeping them in one place. They are getting very cuddly, though still squirmy.:) xoxo

Hi Sohpie, Thank you for checking in on them. They are doing wonderfully, growing every minute of the day. I'll be posting new pics tomorrow. :) xoxo

Marjorie, I totally agree with you - it's pure love! xoxo

amoramor, thanks so much! they like being told they are cute. xoxo

Hello Dustjacket, You are welcome. Still haven't been around much lately, at least not had much time to spend on the computer. The puppies are great! I'll be posting new pics later today (Sunday). xoxo

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