Sunday, July 03, 2011

From The Fridge

I cooked some awesome tuna steaks last night for dinner, marinated in a homemade marinade. Had one steak leftover, so made this salad from things I had in the fridge. It was awesome delicious!

Mixed up some tuna salad with mayo, relish, red onion, seedless red grapes, sun dried tomatoes, chopped celery, and kalamata olives on a bed of chopped spinach, sliced tomatoes, and clementine segments, topped with feta cheese and chives. Did not add any other seasoning since the tuna was marinated, the flavors were amazing. I did of course, drizzle olive oil on top.


Gail said...

Mmmmm! Same night at my house, clean the fridge stir fry. Carrots, two kinds of squash, onions, greens, peppers, cabbage...all from the garden!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Gail, it's the best kind, huh. I can't stand to throw food out, so I do a lot of this. :) Mom and dad's frugal ways rubbed off on me much more than I knew as a kid.:) Your stir fry sounds yummy, all my favorites. I have a feeling you are a very good cook.:) Enjoy this new week. Hopefully, we will have a little cooler weather this week. xOx

Margie said...


Margie xo