Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've Made A Switch

photo by SPBM

Recently I've made the switch from Starbucks to Caribou...and so very happy about it. After far too many drinks from Starbucks in the past few months - across the street from my house - that had to be poured out, I switched. It was very easy after purchasing my first coffee from Caribou. During the summer, I would walk to the store and make it a point to go during their happy hour and get the bubble tea. About a week and half ago the weather was too cool to drink the tea while walking from the store to the house. I decided to try their regular light blend coffee...and boy was I surprised at how great it was. I always got a latte from Starbucks because I never liked their regular brew coffee; every single cup I have tried from Caribou's has been GREAT!!!! I especially love Amy's Blend. And drinking the regular coffee is so much cheaper than a latte. YAY!!!

I feel like I a new friend. :)


Cat said...

there is nothing like a good cup of coffee...
just like there is nothing like a good trusted friend

love and light

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hello have that right - it's even better when you can enjoy that great coffee with a great friend.

Have a beautiful weekend, lovely.


LadyCat said...

We don't have a Caribou here. It sounds yummy though. Living across the street from Starbucks would be nice. Our closest is about a mile away. I do like their pumkin lattes this time of year.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi LadyCat,

I'm hard to hook, but once they do I am a loyal customer. Caribou's is in the grocery store behind me, where I do my grocery shopping, and I got tea there this summer. Just tried their coffee a couple of weeks ago. They have opened a store in front of the grocery store in September. Starbucks used to be good, but I think they have mostly new people and possibly, new management. Whatever it is, it is not good. As with everything, quality can vary from store to store. As of this date, Caribou's has been 100% consistent, which is very nice.

I have never tried pumpkin lattes, those drinks are usually a little sweeter than I like...but I do love all things pumpkin. Maybe Caribou makes one? Will have to check on that.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.