Monday, October 08, 2012

Preparing For Cold Weather

This past weekend was spent finishing a couple of projects that I started last winter. Seems I always have several projects going at one time. If something interrupts me in the middle of a project, it is pushed aside for a while and I start another before finishing it. That's what happened with this scarf. It was simple enough to make, but took a lot of time taking apart thrift store apparel and cleaning it before sewing into something wearable. Some of this scarf was old suits I purchased in Germany; they have beautiful wool in Europe. Anyways, it’s finished now. YAY!!!

I debated on whether to sew around the edge and decided not to. I may decide to do it later but for now, I like it this way. I am very much into recycling - and it always feels so good when I make things from recycled, discarded items. Makes me feel like I am doing my part in saving the earth. :)

photos by spbm

On a different note, I made a recipe I found on Pinterest, using portobello mushrooms. Amazingly delicious! easy and healthy.

Photo by spbm
Before going into the oven.

Photo by spbm
Before eating.

You can find the recipe here.

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