Thursday, January 03, 2013

how do you shut down the brain?

It's a New Year! YAY!!!!
I'm hoping and expecting good things this year, for me and for you.

Night before last, I wrestled with my sheets, my pillow, and my mind ALL night long. I was ready to throw things. If I could have found a switch any where to shut my brain off I would have. My thoughts were drunk on worry, I guess. It was a long and miserable night.

Last night was quite a bit better. I need my sleep anymore. I want sleep!!! When I don't sleep, I don't feel like anything the next day, really crappy and cranky, actually. What happened to the days when I seriously could go for 2-3 days with no sleep???

Photo by spbm

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend ahead!



Nyssa said...

I so hear you on this. I often don't sleep and like you, once upon a time, I could go for days without any. Now, one or two sleepless nights make me totally unable to function ( and since my insomnia is ever present, I don't seem to be able to accomplish much!!) I wish you a Happy New year filled with great things too! xoxo

Thomas Hanna said...
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LadyCat said...

Opp...was working on my hubby's computer and he was still signe on. So I posted under his name. Sorry for the confusion : )
A very happy new year to you, my friend. I have the sam problem with sleepin. ALways seems to be when I know I have something big going on the next day. We can be our own worst enemy at time.

jo said...

wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with hours of glorious slumber!

Cat said...

Happy New Year!!!
wishing you a peace filled weekend

love and light

collarcitybrownstone said...

Have you tried taking melatonin? I hear from people who take it that it works. I never had any problems sleeping. When my body is ready to rest I go into deep sleep very easily so I have never taken melatonin myself. That is the last thing that I need.