Monday, January 07, 2013

smorgasbord of this & that

Wow, can you all believe it is a New Year!?

Christmas is over and I am ready for spring. :) Once Christmas and New Year has come and gone, I'm ready for sunshine and warm air. We had a couple of snows, the temperature has been cold, but nothing too serious, yet. Winter snows are always so magical in appearance, but I really don't like the cold so much anymore. However, spring and summer brings out the bugs, mosquitoes, and snakes. Nothing is perfect, huh. I have a while before I'll be seeing green and flowers blooming in my part of the country.

This past Friday I made the most wonderful, delicious soup, yep, another soup. :) Red Lentil Coconut Soup, every bite just tasted healthy and full of healing, packed with the perfect blend of spices, and my taste buds did a happy dance with every bite.

photo by spbm

You can find the recipe here.

My daughter sent me some new photos of her house. Due to D's health, we really can't travel, so I have not been able to see her house irl. :(

All photo below were taken by my daughter, jlm.

The horns were some my dad found on a trip he and my mom took on a trip to Florida when they were first married. They hung in the house I grew up in. I had them in a couple of the houses we lived in, but did not have a place to do them justice in the house we are in. I was thrilled when Jaime wanted them. They look just beautiful in her beautiful home.

I just love this space...I could do lots of dreaming sitting and my morning cup of coffee.

One beautiful room! Oh yeah, I made the crazy quilt topper on her table. :) I'm so loving it in this room.

She made this delicious focaccia bread yesterday. Going to have to try this myself. She said it was delicious! She made a dipping oil to go with it, a recipe a restaurant gave to her. Recipe for the bread is from Williams Sonoma. She is an awesome cook!

They spent time in Utah over the holidays, skiing and snowboarding. My two awesome grand kids!!! I LOVE and ADORE these two so much. I miss being with them and watching them grow. I thank God every day they have the wonderful parents they have. And that guy in the center, he is just the most awesome guy!!! I love this guy! My daughter could not have found a more wonderful guy.

Today I am thankful she provided me with photos to blog. :))
I have something else to blog, but I've been having trouble with blogger all weekend and blogger doesn't want to play nice. :)

Photo by spbm

My thought for the day.


Nyssa said...

what a beautiful home. :-) I am sooo going to try that recipe. thank you for sharing xox

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Nyssa, Thank you! She works very hard at making her home beautiful. Both of my girls do a fabulous job at creating a place their kids and husbands can feel comfortable in. I am in awe of both their talents.

Let me know if you try the recipe. Next time I made it, I am going to make Jaime's recipe for the focaccia. I think that would be good with it.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Hope your week is blessed!

LadyCat said...

Your soup and the bread look so comforting. I agree,they would go good together.
Your daughter has a lovely home. It looks like she has quite a talent for decorating.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...


Thank you! She really does emjoy it, decorating and cooking.

Have a great week!


Lola G. said...

Thank you (and your daughter) for giving us a peek into her very cozy-looking home.

Once again I am feeling inspired by the food you prepare, even though I have spent very little time in my kitchen since my knee-replacement surgery last winter! I still am hoping to make some juice, perhaps this weekend. I forgot to mention that I'm not a big fan of lentils in general, unless they're red or are in a flavorful Indian dish.

Thank you (and your daughter) for giving us a peek into her lovely and very cozy-looking home.

For now, I'm heading off for reading and sleep -- all the best to you and yours.

Jo said...

her home is absolutely beautiful! it has such warmth. and, i love the colors you chose for the table quilt. they add to the warm and welcoming feeling that truly make the dining area such an important room in the home.

and that quote is perfect...i was just talking with avi about that as it relates to religion. to me, religion is about asking questions and seeking truth. i feel very uncomfortable around people who feel that they have the definitive answer about anything. this applies to any topic.

hope you're having a happy weekend!!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Lola G., thank you so much for the kind and lovely words.

I'm pretty sure from your comment, you would love this dish. Do try it. :)

btw, I can't find you blog.:( I've been going to ask you to leave me the link if you don't mind.

I've been listening to Deepak Chopra at night. I think it is helping me sleep a little better.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend, cold, with a little sleet tonight. :(

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Jo, she does have a very warm home. It's always so nice to be in her home. I wish she lived closer, so I could spend more time with them. Don't move away from your mom! LOL

I'm with you, when people believe they are so sure of things, makes me all the more to want to run from their religion. I'm not that sure of any of it. So much of it is contradiction, in my opinion. They may have the answers, but I'm not convinced. :)

Have a beautiful weekend, sweetie!
I'm pretty sure it is warmer at your house than it is mine. I'm ready for spring. :)



hey sweet lady! oh, what a wonderful/beautiful post - and how lovely you share such familial love with us all in your photos and little stories! it's always always so great to visit you and it's been far too long between my visits - but i know you understand - and will forgive - again, such a beautiful/touching post - talent and creative passion are in the fam genes! hope all else is well with you - have missed being here so much - xxx

Lola G. said...

I made an attempt to leave a reply earlier today, but the techno sphere evidently gobbled it up!

I hope that you didn't spend too much time searching for my blog, which does not yet exist. I am a reader of blogs and a papercrafter (mostly cards, but some boxes and books as well). I've never even uploaded any photos of anything I've made. I've been asking my husband to take photos of some of my projects for me, but it hasn't happened yet. At present, we don't even own any cameras other than our iPhones. I'd like to believe that he might manage just fine with that – he has a BFA in photography, but that was a long time ago, and his preference leans to black-and-white images.

I would love to send you a card, but I respect the limits on the amount of personal information that you post here. If you are ever inclined to provide me with an address, I can be reached at Lrerg at yahoo dot com.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hello, Beautiful Gypsy Woman! It's so wonderful to find you visited my place. Would just love to spend some real-life time with you. I must say, there are some great ladies who come to visit here, all whom I would love to be friends with irl. I truly appreciate all of you so very much! Thank you so much sweet and beautiful lady for stopping by to leave some awesome love and kindness!

Wishing you a beautiful and awesome week!


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Lola, my nice camera broke and the only thing I use these days is my iphone. It works well for me, it actually gives me the look I like, at least for now. I know a lot of people do not consider it photography, but it's my photography and it expresses my feelings very well. I do want to get a new camera at some point and time, just not sure what I want. I don't want anything really fancy, that's not really what I'm after. A really good point and shoot will work for what I want.

I lean to black and white quite often, or sepia tones. I really like the look of vintage photos...but there are days when I want the bright, crisp photo.

It would be a real treat to see some of your creations!

I will send you my address via email.

Have a great Tuesday!