Monday, May 06, 2013

happy new week

Will winter ever end? I'm not so sure since last week was cold, snowy, even had some sleet. Really waiting to get two or three nice days in a row. It's hard to believe we're into May and still having such cold weather.

photos by spbm

I mean really...what is up with this?

Photos by spbm

So, I found a couple more treasures to keep for myself last week. One was a set of glasses made from wine bottles. I just love the colors. For a while now I've been wanting some of these, but really did not want to try and make them myself. I was surprised when I found these...and got a deal on them. Can't beat that.

Photos by spbm

Now, if someone can tell me why I bought a whole watermelon??? What was I thinking? I love watermelon, but David, being diabetic, is limited to how much he can have and I can only eat so much. Anyways, it was much better than I expected it to be for this time of year. And, if you have never tried watermelon with ginger on it, do. I had a friend from Kenya tell me that they sprinkle ginger juice on their watermelon. I don't have the patience to grate enough ginger to get enough juice, so I just add grated ginger on ours. We LOVE it! I try to get ginger in our diets as often as possible, this is a great way to do that. Unless you LOVE ginger as much as I do, you may not want to add quite as much grated ginger. But do give it a try, I think you'll really enjoy this twist on watermelon.

photo by spbm

Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead.


Nyssa said...

beautiful glasses! and yummy on the ginger. I forgot how much i love ginger until i saw this post! Thank you for the reminder. I will definitely try it on watermelon :) xo

Laurie said...

Ooh, will have to try the ginger on watermelon!

donmoda said...

ginger on watermelon, i've never tried that one. . .should taste interesting :) which reminds me, i have to buy ginger powder on my way home tonight.
hi debs, how are you and your family? hope everything's good. hard to believe it's still cold there in your place while it's 35 deg centigrade here in the philippines.
i love the pictures, they're works of art!

Willow said...

The ginger on watermelon sounds delish and I wil be trying it soon! Oh my I do hope your weather has warmed up! Really enjoyed reading about your tree climbing days (lol) in your coment about the apple tree over at my place. Wishing you a warm weekend. xo Willow

Willow said...

"commet" oops I can spell that ... sorry it is late here, nodding off as I type ;)

leandro said...

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