Wednesday, June 05, 2013

rainy day wednesday

rain, rain, go away...come again another day. i need a boat to go from the front door to the car, so much rain. and still, it is cool outside, only 60 degrees today, the fifth of june.

yesterday the door bell rang, it was Fed Ex with a package. i had mentioned to my daughter a while back that i needed to buy some new sheets. she surprised me with a new organic cotton set of beautiful sheets. i try to be careful about mentioning wanting something to my girls, cause it will show up. my dryer quit working last november, so i am hanging everything out to dry, so have to wait until it stops raining before i can wash and dry them. just waiting, can't wait to sleep between these beautiful sheets.

    photo by spbm

sharing a few pics of my little ones. my girls allow me to put pics up that do not show the kids faces. i agree with their decisions, just not sure i would have the discipline if they did not put the brakes on my desire to show them off.

cousins with cousins, having a great time.

                             photo by EDF
little artist at work...
                            photo by spbm

finding beauty in nature...ada loves her flowers.

 photos by spbm

ok, will stop for now with the pics of the ones who make my world perfect. i have many more to share later on. :)


LadyCat said...

Love the sheets...the colors are perfect. Remind me of the blue sky and clouds.
The photos of your little one are adorable. Looks like you have an artist in the making. And the one picking dandelions is priceless.
Hope your rain lets up soon : )

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hello Ladycat!
You're right, the colors are sky-like. I can't wait to have a sunny day and can wash them. My dryer quit last November, drying king size sheets inside is a pain. Thought I would get them out today, but it was a little cloudy in the morning, and was afraid it would start raining. Turned out that it was a great day. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. :)

Yes, we have a couple of little budding artist in our family. Of course they are all extremely talented, just so happens little Ada is always in the mood to paint. She loves her flowers, and who, loving flowers is not an artist!? :)

Thank you for the lovely visit.
Wishing you a great and lovely weekend.

Willow said...

These are just the sweetest photos !

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Willow, thanks so much! They're precious to me, that's for sure. I don't get to snap photos of them very often and when I do, it's a big deal for me. :)

They were getting pretty tired of seeing me pick up the camera.