Saturday, August 03, 2013

fried green tomatoes

Wow, I can hardly believe we are into August already. I am not sure why as a child, a month lasted forever, now, a month feels like a week. My only complaint about summer, as much as I try not to have any, but I cannot help it with this one: chigger bites. I get eaten up by them when I go out in my yard and do any yard work or hang my laundry out. I just do not understand how I have some of these problems when I live in the city? These bites are so annoying, they itch for days, and they itch more each day for several days. My daughter got some while we were hanging out her clothes, she read somewhere to rub deodorant on the bites to stop the itching, it really does help, a lot!!! If anyone has any tips on how to keep these things from biting you, be sure and leave a comment. I'll try anything.

The stores already have green tomatoes for sale, seems a little early to me, but makes me very happy. I love "fried green tomatoes"! When I make them, it is the only thing I eat. I made some last night and they were..."AMAZING!" I have one left to cook for dinner tonight, but I am headed to the store today to get more. I seldom fry anything, but I make an exception when it comes to fried green tomatoes.

    photo by spbm

I do not measure anything, but here are a list of the ingredients:
mix together in bowl>>>
corn meal

in a seperate bowl, mix>>>
egg and a little milk

dip sliced tomatoes in flour and cornmeal mixture, then in egg and milk mixture, back into flour and cornmeal mixture. fry in heavy skillet with about 1" of vegetable and olive oil, heated hot but not too hot, they will burn if the grease is too hot, and they'll be soggy if the grease is not hot enough.

Some of my beautiful zinnias, blooming and thriving. Hollyhocks did not have the huge blooms they normally have, but still gorgeous.

   Photos by spbm

 Rumi quotes are good for any day of the week. :)

    photo by spbm

Wishing everyone a wonderful, relaxing, and lovely weekend!


Willow said...

Oh I AM trying your recipe, fried green tomatoes were a fav of mine and my dad. I also love the movie Fried Green Tomatoes
Plus you have one of my all time fave flowers posted ~ Zinnias. Aren't the candy cane colored Zinnia lovely . Great post .

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Willow, just adjust the flour and cornmeal to your personal liking, I like a little more flour than corn meal, while some like more cornmeal. I fixed another one for dinner last night, just delicious!!! :)
And yes, the candy cane zinnia's are gorgeous. I'll be planting more of those next year. :)
Thanks for the delightful visit.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sixpence,

Oh yum - I do love tomatoes but have never tried fried green tomatoes.
Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Love your pretty flowers too.

Enjoy the weekend

Willow said...

The recipe was delish! ( your right , the extra flour working well for us too )

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Willow, I am thrilled you enjoyed the fried green tomatoes. I saw more at the store yesterday, going to get some more before the season ends. It's one of those recipes you can adjust to your personal liking.
Thanks for letting me know that you tried them and liked.
Happy Wednesday!