Thursday, December 19, 2013

Early Christmas

My daughter sent me a gift and told me I could go ahead and open it - not a problem. I was so excited when I opened it and found something I had been wanting for quite a while now. Both son-in-laws are getting these from us for Christmas. I was waiting until after Christmas to buy one for myself. My daughter knew how much I was wanting one for myself and sent me one. She wanted me to open so I didn't buy one. Made my first coffee in it this morning, it lived up to everything I have read and been hearing about the Chemex. I've been using a French Press for years, this makes a better tasting coffee, in my opinion. I really like not having the sediments in my coffee and being able to drink to the last drop without having a bitter taste. I am so impressed !

Love my kiddos ! A big thanks to my daughters!


Cat said...

I use a french press too
this canister is beautiful...but doesn't the filter affect the fullness of the coffee?
where do you find these?

love and light

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi Cat, I really love my coffee made from this and find it is smoother and better, due to not sitting with the grounds in the bottom. You can find them at coffee shops and online. My daughter sent this one to me as a gift from Crate and Barrel, but they are available from many online stores. One thing I do not miss is cleaning my french press.:)

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.