Friday, May 02, 2014

Inspiration Friday

My Dreams/Your Dreams Are Not Negotiable !

Dreams Are Not Negotiable 
Dreams. Our birthright. They drive us, move us. They fire us from the depths of our souls to create the beautiful the magnificent the impossible. They push you to go further. And through our dreams, we can even change reality.
But know this my friend. Your dreams will be tested. For the naysayers, the doubt instillers and the fear-mongers await you at every corner. Ready to push you down, to hold you back, and no sooner as you get back to your feet they will force you into a corner silence your voice and into your ear they will whisper… “You’re weak. You can’t do it”
So hold your ground. Don’t demote your dreams to the past tense. Fight! Fight for what is rightfully yours. For you are the architect of your future, and your dreams are the blueprint. But fight not with bow and arrow, and sword and shield. Fight the only way you know how, fight with love. For there is no power greater and it is love that makes us who we are.
So should our eyes meet amidst the chaos and confusion… Allow yourself to shine. For when I see you smile from beyond the ruins, you give me permission to believe that I too can dream. So be my muse and I will be your performer, and together… Let’s dance across the rubble Play music in the silence Create art from beyond the void And together we will be liberated of our fears.
Your dreams are not to be trifled with. It is a contract you have signed and it is not negotiable. To dream is your birthright. Live. Love. Dream.
Written by Adam Zain

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