Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A Winter Kind Of Tuesday

Just returned from Hospital Hill from one of my appointments this week. Another one on Friday and two more next week. Then, I hope that will be it for the months. Feeling better since my iron numbers are moving in the right directions. My iron was way below normal, but taking three iron pills a day and it is helping.

My intention is to be whole and well !!!

Since I somehow managed to write my appointment down wrong, we got there three hours early for my appointment. I wasn't keen on sitting at the hospital for three hours, we went to Cheesecake Factory and consumed too many calories. It's time for me to stop eating what I want, I am back to my normal weight and time to get back to eating all the right stuff.

Some pics of Kansas City from inside Cheesecake Factory.

After eating, we headed back to Truman Hospital.

So very THANKFUL for this hospital. Angels work here.

On another note, my favorite author/artist, Nick Bantock is selling some of his work on Etsy. Who would have thought it!? Not me. I have been an avid admirer of his work since the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy. This is a fantasy that becomes real. I have read these books so many times and thought about the characters so much, that they are very real to me. I want to own at least once piece of his art. Just as soon as I get some extra cash I will purchase a piece. If for no other reason, I want my books and a piece of his art to give to my grand-daughter one day. If you have never read any of his books, you are missing out ! Go find a set for sale, buy them and find you a little corner on a quiet afternoon and take a wonderful journey into the lives of Griffin and Sabine. You'll be hooked for life. Griffin and Sabine will become a permanent parts of your heart and soul.

Griffin and Sabine are always waiting for me to pull them off the shelf and reacquaint myself with them.

All above photos by SPBM

And here are some of his works of art for sale in his Etsy shop.


Monica G. M said...
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Monica M said...

erm, deleted my comment, ahem...

I said...

hello there...stumbled in :)

i have never heard of bantock, oops. will go and see what he's all about after this comment.

i'm no sure what you've done to yourself (scrolled down a few posts but couldn't find it), but you're so lucky to have great health professional looking after you.
sending you healing vibes.

cat said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are having health problems. But it sounds like you are getting the help you need. I am anemic and take three iron tabs a day, too. I also have a B12 deficiency and take a shot every month.

The Cheesecake Factory sound yummy. I, too need to stop feeding my sweet tooth.

I am going to Etsy now to checkout Nick's page. Thanks for the info.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hello Monica !
I'm seemed to have developed an auto immune disease, looks like some several years ago.

I've known something was wrong for a long time, just did not have insurance and could not go to the doctor.

It manifested to a point I ended up in the emergency room one night and was immediately admitted. Had a serious surgery a few days after. I have recovered from the surgery, but trying to keep the immune disease (Sjogren's) at bay. I'm seeing a lot of different doctors now. And I'm doing some research into holistic healing. I do believe we have the ability to heal ourselves. (((I'm working on it.))) :) Thank you for the visit.

Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful weekend ahead.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hey Cat...thank you for stopping in for a visit. I'm also taking three iron tabs a day. Iron deficiency can cause a lot of problems, more than I was aware of. I was experiencing severe heart palpitations, neuropathy, extreme itching. I don't think people have a clue how such minor thing if caught early can prevent major health problems, and would benefit all concerned.

I did not eat much sugary food until after my hospital visit and got down to 92 lbs., kind of gave myself permission to eat what I wanted. Not that I believe that is the way to go. I was just so depressed that I couldn't think past the moment. Now, I need to ween myself off the sugar. At least find my way back to only on special occasions.

Have a lovely and peaceful weekend.