Thursday, March 19, 2015

Peanut Butter Cookies and Sage

I have put in my order for warmer weather. It has been pretty cold the past couple of days, had to pull out my gloves and hat again today when I walked to the store. Maybe there is not too many cold days left. 

Did some house cleaning today and made some peanut butter cookies tonight. I am not a big cookie fan, but always thinking I should be. So about once every year or two I decide to give it another try. These turned out really good as far as cookies go, but after a half cookie I was like no I am never going to be a cookie monster. I got the recipe here; this recipe could not be easier or simpler, just me not being a huge cookie lover. When I do decide to make peanut butter cookies again, this will be the recipe I use. They will look pretty in the cookie jar that is always empty.

photos by spbm

I burned some sage to clean the house of negative energy. It makes me feel so good when I do this, but I am not a big fan of the smoke

I think I can have this quilt quilted in 2-3 weeks if I work on it at least 2 hours each day. Once I finish this quilt, I will NEVER hand quilt a large quilt again. I've been quilting on this for several years. I want it done and I'm giving it to my granddaughter. I hope she LOVES it!!! 

All photos by spbm

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