Thursday, April 09, 2015

Project complete

The weather is just crazy acting, cold one day, warm the next, and cold the next. I'll be glad when it is a bit more steady. If it gets a little cold in the house I have to turn the heat on,  along with Sjogren's I suffer from a syndrome that when I get a little cold my finger turn solid white or dark blue and so numb that it feels like if I touch them they would break off. I usually take gloves to the grocery store because it more often than not happens when I am at the store. So turning off the heat when it is cold at all in the house is out of the question. 

I made some soup with the remaining ham from Easter, and homemade wheat bread with olive oil, sun dried tomato and herbs dipping oil. 
No recipe, just cooked some lima beans and used some leftovers that were in the fridge. 

Really tornado like weather today, so far it has been winds and dark skies. It's that time of year, though. 

I've been staying busy, trying to keep mind occupied, several doctor appointments coming up. I get quite anxious about some of them.

A quilt I have been hand quilting for a very long time, finally finished. I have it in a box and ready to be shipped to my Bella, who ask for it when I was still sewing blocks together. I wanted to get some really great photos of it before shipping it, but the weather has not permitted me to do so. The photos I did get do not do it justice. It really is stunning. This quilt was inspired by Kaffe Fassett. Not sure I will ever want to hand quilt another quilt this big, it is queen size. Here are the photos I did get.

I have named this quilt Garden Party.

 Photos by spbm

And, I started on little Ada's Fancy Fox quilt. She wanted one after she saw her brothers, so I'm making her quilt in yellows, golds and oranges. 

I have the top together and am in the process of sewing the backing together, which will consist of the same fabrics the top is made from.

 Photos by spbm

 Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

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