Sunday, June 21, 2015


I made the cutest macrame hanging light this weekend. After seeing one on Pinterest I wanted to make one for myself and my daughters. It is so adorable I am going to offer them for sale in my Etsy shop. When I saw the photo of this my first thought was, this will work up fast. Wrong. So wrong. It took forever and a day; and my fingers and arms were so darn sore I could hardly pick up my coffee cup the next morning. I still have to get another finished before this weekend to take them to my daughters. Mine will have to wait, as always. :) 

Leave me a comment if you are interested in purchasing one. I can make it any length, the one below is twelve feet.

 Above photos by spbm

And here is a photos of the one from Pinterest>>>>>>>>>Link 

I'm also making some plant hangers to put on Etsy. But if you would like to purchase one directly from me, please leave a comment. 
Here is a couple that I this week.

photos by spbm

I am going to try and sell enough stuff to buy myself a used car. I cannot do payments these days, not with all the meds I'm having buy. 
I want to try and get a used VW Bug. I think I can find one for less than $5,000.00 that would be decent and still running. I would be happy getting a vintage one, but they are running around 8-10 thousand for a decent one. And then there is the problem of keeping it running. David is not able to do the work on a car that might be needed for a used vintage car. 
So please send any good vibes my way regarding this matter.
Thanks. :) 

I found this one on Craigslist for $4,700. Unless the Universe is really on top of things, I don't see being able to get this one, but it is a good visual.

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