Monday, February 13, 2017

Fun Things and Kid Things

Even though my kids are no longer at home, I still love looking at the fun things you can do with a nursery or kid's room. A child's room should be a magical place; where they can dream and let their imagination run wild. There should be lots of color and textures, lots of pillows and creative spaces where they can channel Telsa, Einstein, Van Gogh, Amelia Erhardt, Mark Twain, or whoever and wherever there little minds and hearts take them. 

Here are some creative, fun, and adorable rooms. Banners and Buntings are featured here, and if you need one, I have a couple listed in my Etsy Shop and I will post them below with links to where you can purchase them. And, if you need one with a different color scheme and different size, just message me through Etsy and let me know what you need and I'll get back to you on time for project and prices. 

Enjoy the eye candy below!

Source: kidsroomKidsroomdk
I just love the wallpaper and lockers.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Outdoor Playhouse
And every child (and adult) needs an outdoor playhouse. My dad built me a little house when I was a kid and it was so much fun. Lots of good memories.

If you're looking for a bunting/banner, check mine out. And if the these do not work for you, message me via Etsy and I'll be happy to work with you to make just what you need.
Source: SPBM
Buy this banner/bunting here: Etsy

Source: SPBM
Shabby Chic Bunting / Banner. It's available here: Etsy

Source: Booknook 
Every child should have a great library. This is just too cool!

Souce: Country Living

I have some great children's books in my Etsy shop. Check them out.

Source: SPBM
You can purchase this wonder set of Little Golden Books here: Etsy

Source: SPBM
Antique 1930's Raggedy Ann In The Deep Deep Woods. Purchase this great collectible here.

Kipling A Selection of His Stories and Poems by John Beecroft
Buy it here: Etsy

Would love for you to check out all things in my Etsy shop. So much fun stuff there.



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