Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sunday Kind of Lazy

Took these yesterday, actually. Marelli watching me work.:)
Not much energy to do much today, used it all up yesterday. We also got the pond cleaned, put the fish back in it. Yes, they survived (thrived) in a green plastic tub and living in the basement through the winter. Can't believe it, but I'm so happy. Now, if they will just stay alive in the pond.:) They are three times the size they were last summer. Lost one during the winter, it jumped out of the tub?
Fish photos are not that great, pond is a little cloudy and it was late in the evening. I get the best pictures of them when the sun is shining on the pond.

Photo by SPBM

 Photo by SPBM

 Photo by SPBM

Photo by SPBM


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sixpence,

They are the best kind of Sundays, where you can just relax and enjoy.
Love your sweet photo of your cute dog, hope he is feeling better and how gorgeous your fish in the pond are.

Happy week

Becky said...

Love the doggie pics to cute.The fish are lovely.I always wanted to have a pond with fish.